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Whenever it comes to the greatest scientists of the world, Albert Einstein His name is definitely counted. Albert Einstein a great german physicist Were.

Einstein propounded many fundamental and important principles in science and its branch physics, on the basis of which physics is taught to students around the world today.

Due to the principles of Albert Einstein, mankind is today time travel ie time travel can think about. Einstein was the person who told the world about the relationship and interaction between time and gravity.

Albert Einstein’s biggest success in science mass-energy equation Is. to this principle principle of conservation of energy And first law of thermodynamics Also known as Mathematically it can be written as,E = MC Square’

Year 1921 In ‘photoelectric emission’ He was awarded the world’s most respected award for the discovery of ‘Nobel Prize’ Also honored by Apart from all these, many discoveries were made by Einstein.

March 14 To Albert Einstein Birthday is celebrated. And on this day World Pie Day is also celebrated.

today we for you Life introduction of Albert Einstein (Albert Einstein Biography in Hindi) Have brought


Life introduction of Albert Einstein (Albert Einstein Biography in Hindi)

great physicist Einstein (Albert Einstein) March 14, 1879 In Germany Of ‘Ulm Wurttenberg’ one in Jewish were born in the family.

Einstein’s father’s name herman Einstein while his mother’s name was pauline einstein Was. Einstein’s father was an engineer and salesman who sold electrical equipment. Einstein moved to Germany with his family a year after his birth in 1980. Munich came to the city.

Albert Einstein was unusual since childhood because his head was much larger than normal children and his behavior was also not like other children.

It is said that Einstein did not know how to speak for about 4 years after being born. But suddenly one day at the table while he was having dinner with his parents, Einstein spoke for the first time and said that “The soup’s so hot!”

Einstein was of very inquisitive nature since childhood. He wanted to know about everything. As a child, he did not like to play much, but instead used to visualize the universe.

Know these also:-

Albert Einstein Education

Albert Einstein completed his secondary education in the year 1896. After completing secondary education, Einstein Federal Polytechnic School Took admission in

they met in the same school Mileva Merrick She met with whom she was later married. Einstein And Mileva Both were very good in physics due to which their chemistry solidified.

In the year 1900, at the age of 21, Albert Einstein Federal Polytechnic School Received a Diploma degree from

On 30 April 1905, Albert Einstein also obtained a PhD degree from the University of Zurich.

Albert Einstein’s marriage and children

In the year 1903, Albert Einstein married his girlfriend and classmate of the Federal Polytechnic School. Mileva Merrick married with The marriage of these two took place in Bern, Switzerland. A year after the marriage, in the year 1904, a son was also born to Albert Einstein, whose name was hans albert einstein Was.

In the year 1910, another son was born to him, whose name was edward Einstein Was. However, his second son died at the age of just 20.

However, Albert Einstein’s marriage did not last long and finally on 14 February 1919, he got divorced from his wife.

Scientific tenure of Albert Einstein –

Albert Einstein made many discoveries in the field of science and published more than 300 scientific research papers. He also worked as a professor at the University of Zurich for a long time.

Year 1905 In Albert Einstein merely 26 years at the age of photoelectric effect discovered. During this, he published a total of four research papers, in which photoelectric effect, brownian motion, theory of relativityAnd mass energy equation were involved. These were such unique researches in physics that quantum mechanics And relativism laid the foundation of

He was later awarded the Nobel Prize mainly for the discovery of this photoelectric effect. Albert Einstein was nominated for the Nobel Prize in the year 1921 itself. However, a year after this nomination, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1922.

Inventions of Albert Einstein

photoelectric effect –

In a research paper published by Albert Einstein in the year 1950, he photoelectric effect told about.

During this, Albert Einstein said that light has a dual nature. It behaves as both a particle and a wave. During this, Einstein also told about packets of energy ie photons.

Through the theory of photoelectric effect, Einstein told that when light falls on the surface of a metal, the free electrons from there start getting affected due to which electricity is generated.

Since this theory explained the origin of electrical energy by light energy, hence this theory was called photoelectric effect It is called

Brownian motion

Albert Einstein also brownian motion was also discovered. a type of brownian motion Zigzag motion (Zig-Zag) Which was observed by Einstein during the suspension of the atom.

Theory of Relativity –

The theory of relativity is also known as the special theory of relativity. Its publication year 1905 It happened in Einstein’s research paper.

This theory explains the interactions between both gravity and time. Apart from this, relative motion has been explained in this theory.

mass-energy equation

mass energy equation Einstein It is considered one of the greatest achievements of this principle mathematically

‘E = MC Square‘ is written.

Albert Einstein This equation given by gives a relation between mass and energy. Einstein’s equation principle of conservation of energy And first law of thermodynamics Also known as

Death of Albert Einstein

17 April 1955 internal bleeding ie internal bleeding at the age of 76 due to albert einstein died.

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