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Who is Patna Wale Khan Sir? Khan Sir Biography, Biography Patna Khan Sir Biography in Hindi (Age, Place of Birth, Date of Birth, College, Profession, Online Classes, YouTube Channel, Mobile App, Nationality, Platform) (Khan Sir Biography in Hindi, Real Name khan Sir, birth place, age, date of birth, college, profession, mobile app, nationality, Khan Sir youtube channel, platform, online classes of Khan Sir)

Patna Khan Sir Biography in Hindi: In today’s era, people’s inclination towards online education has increased a lot. This is because at this time online training is cheaper and more convenient for students than offline education.

In this era of online education, Khan sir’s name is counted among the best online trainers. Khan Sir of Patna is known for his best style of teaching. Due to the excellent training style of Patna’s Khan Sir, students across the country like him very much.

Khan sir provides online coaching facility to the students through his youtube channel. He also has a famous channel on YouTube called Khan GS Research Center which has more than 19 million subscribers.

Khan sir from Patna is not only a great online trainer but also a great YouTuber who keeps analyzing and discussing the country’s border security and current issues through his YouTube channel.

His most special thing is that he can teach all the subjects in his own funny style whereas often you would have seen a teacher teaching only one subject. This talent of Khan sir also became the reason for his fame. Khan Sir of Patna tries that all the students can get better education in minimum fee, that’s why they have kept the fees of all their courses extremely low.

Not only this, Khan sir has recently taken the initiative to prepare for UPSC in a very low fee of Rs 7500 only and has launched his batch for UPSC, whereas even today, organizations like IAS, which are popular for UPSC, offer UPSC exams in lakhs of rupees. Gets the preparations done for the exam.

so let’s go Patna Khan Sir Biography in Hindi But today through this article, we tell you the life introduction of Khan Sir (Khan Sir Patna Biography In Hindi), the real name of Khan Sir (Khan Sir Real Name In Hindi) and many things related to him.

Who is Khan Sir?  ,  Patna Khan Sir Biography in Hindi

Patna Khan Sir Biography in Hindi, bio, age, birth place, caste Education, Real Name

Name (Real Name) faisal khan
Nick Name khan sir
position and fame teacher (teacher)
Youtube Channel Name Khan GS Research Center
Birth (Date of Birth) December 1993
Place of Birth Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
Age 29 Years (2022)
Height 5 ft 5 inch
Weight 65kg
Nationality India
Religion Muslim
Profession Teacher
Education B.Sc, M.Sc
College Allahabad University, Allahabad
Net Worth 2 crores
marital status Single

Who is Khan Sir? (Who is Khan Sir)

Khan sir from Patna is one of the best teacher in the world of youtube and online study who is known for his fun and best teaching style. Khan sir through his YouTube channel provides online coaching facility to lakhs of students at very low fees. Along with online teaching, Khan sir also does offline teaching in his coaching institute though there are limited number of student seats.

At present, more than 19 million people are connected with his YouTube channel. Khan sir from Patna is one of the most popular online teacher in education channel category of youtube. Recently Khan sir has launched batch for big exam like UPSC at very low fees. Due to his contributions in the education world, students across the country like him very much and take inspiration from him.

What is the real name of Khan Sir? (Khan Sir Real Name in Hindi)

Khan sir may provide online teaching facility to lakhs of students through his coaching institute and his YouTube channel but most of the students do not know about his real name. This is because Khan sir never talks about his real name. He believes that a person should not be recognized by his name but by his work.

Once there was a lot of ruckus on the social media regarding the real name of Khan Sir, however, Khan Sir did not make any official disclosure about his real name. Let me tell you that the real name of Khan sir faisal khan but it is everywhere Khan Sir Patna Famous by the name of.

Life introduction of Khan Sir (Khan Sir Biography in Hindi)

Khan Sir of Patna December 1993 I was born in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Although at present he and his entire family reside in Patna, Bihar. Khan Sir has not disclosed any information about his family due to which we do not even know the name of his mother and father.

However, apart from his mother and father in Khan Sir’s family, he also has an elder brother who is serving the nation as a commando in the Indian Army. His brother’s name is Faiz.

Khan Sir and his family were always inclined towards the Indian Army. It is said that Khan Sir’s father was also in the Indian Army and his brothers are also in the Indian Army.

Khan Sir also wanted to become a part of the Indian Army by passing the Indian Army exam but he could not pass the physical test of the Indian Army because he had a crooked hand since childhood, due to which he had to change his dream and today he is YouTube and You have become the king of the world of online teaching. According to the media reports, Khan sir had also passed the NDA exam but he could not be selected in NDA.

Presently Khan sir is a well known online teacher who is popular on his youtube channel. Khan GS Research Center Through this, they prepare for various competitive exams and provide online coaching for very little money.

Lakhs of students take coaching from Khan Sir’s coaching organization and YouTube channel. Khan Sir has also written many books related to competitive exams which are published under his name.

Khan sir’s education-

Khan sir was a brilliant student since childhood. Education was given special importance in his family. He wanted to become an army officer since childhood but his dream remained unfulfilled due to not being able to pass the physical test.

Khan Sir was proficient in all subjects, he used to prepare whatever he wanted to read. Khan sir received his early education from Patna in Bihar. After completing his early studies, he joined Allahabad University. Khan Sir at Allahabad Central University BSc B.Sc, Got the degree. After that he did science M.Sc. Also got degree.

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Khan sir’s youtube channel and educational app-

khan sir your youtube channel Khan GS Research Center Provides online coaching through. He has more than 19 million subscribers on this YouTube channel.

Apart from this, to prepare for various competitive exams, he has also released his own separate application named khan sir official Is. Through this application people can buy their coaching courses at very low fees.

Apart from this, Khan sir often analyzes and discusses the latest news through his YouTube channel. Along with this, Khan Sir also has special knowledge of India’s border security and international relations and keeps explaining them to his students.

Recently Khan sir has also started new batch of UPSC on his application. Let us tell you that on the one hand, well-known organizations like Drishti IAS prepare for UPSC exam for lakhs of rupees, while Khan sir has taken the initiative to prepare students for UPSC for only Rs 7500 and has launched a new batch of UPSC.

So friends, today through this article we have given you Patna Khan Sir Biography in Hindi told about. Hope you have liked this article very much.


Where is the birth place of Khan Sir?

Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

What does Khan Sir teach?

Khan sir mainly teaches UPSC, IAS and competitive exam students at very low cost.

Is Khan sir married?

Not married yet.

What is the name of the coaching center of Khan sir?

let them too Know-

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