Biography of the great footballer Pele

Let’s know the life introduction of the great Brazilian footballer Pele, king of football Hospitalized (brazilian pele footballer biography in hindi, three time FIFA World champion Pelé biography hindi)

Pele Known from Brazil and was one of the best and greatest football players in the world, who was known in his era king of football was known by the name of Even today people all over the world consider him as the king of football. Not only this, this great player of football Black Diamond And black Pearl Also known as.

Pele He was such a great football player of his era that even today he is considered by sports experts as the best football player ever. in the world of football Pele Recorded many records and has immortalized his name forever in the history of football.

Pele He is the first and only player in the world who in his football career 3 Times FIFA World Cup Earned the title of winner.

In his career, this great football player played a total of 1363 football matches and scored 1281 goals. Pele He impressed people all over the world with his sporting talent, which increased people’s inclination towards football. In today’s time, many of the best football players also consider him as their source of inspiration.

Pele colon cancer Like he is suffering from a serious illness due to which he has to be admitted to the hospital again and again. Today through this article we will tell you Biography of Football King Pele Will tell you so that you can know why he is called the best football player in the world.

Veteran football player Pele admitted to End of Life Care Pele News in hindi

Recently, on 30 November 2022, Pele’s health suddenly deteriorated after which he was admitted to Albert Einstein Hospital. But now the condition of this legendary Brazilian football player is very serious.

Pele, who is suffering from colon cancer, is no longer affected by chemotherapy and some of his organs have stopped working, due to which he End of Life Care He was admitted to the ICU which is a part of the emergency unit of the hospital where the patient is given special care during the final hours and is kept on the support system.

Pele’s deteriorating condition is a matter of concern for the football world. Many legends of football and sports world are wishing him well.

Biography of the great footballer Pele |  footballer pele biography in hindi

Pele’s early life

Pele 23 October 1940 to brazilian tres corcos Was born in Pele’s father was also a football player named dondinho was. Pele’s mother’s name Donna Celeste Arantes was. their full name Edison “Edson” Arantes do Nascimento Is.

in childhood Pele To deco Used to be called by Nick Name.

Since childhood, Pele was very interested in playing football. Pele got the inspiration to play football from his father. Pele as a child Vasco da Gama ‘Bile’ Considered his favorite and ideal player. His friends called him their favorite player during school. Bille along the lines of Pele started calling him by name and since then his name Pele became popular as

Pele was a very talented football player since childhood. Pele had a different passion for football. He played with utmost hard work and dedication and had the talent to score goals in every match. Due to these talents, he got an opportunity to play football with the Brazilian national team in the early days of his life and he also took full advantage of this opportunity and got his team the title of FIFA World Champion three times, which till date and no one else is not with me.

Pele’s personal and family life

Pele are quite open and independent minded. He did 3 marriages in his life. Pele’s first wife’s name Rosemary Dos Rais Cholby was. 1966 He had his first marriage in which he had 2 daughters but in the year 1982 his first wife got divorced from him. his second marriage Assyria Lemos Seixas Who gave birth to two twins.

His second marriage also did not last long and he separated from his second wife as well. In the year 2016, he did his third marriage with Marcia Oki. Now let us tell you about his football career.

Pele has scored the most goals for Brazil –

Pele, who is also known as the Football King, has scored the most goals for Brazil as a player. not only that Pele FIFA World Cup 1958, 1962 And 1970 I have played the most important role in making Brazil the world champion 3 times.

Pele Total for the Brazil national team 77 in 92 matches Round Scored the most goals ever scored by a single player for Brazil.

Pele’s football career

  • Pele started his professional career in 1956. when they Santos FC was included in
  • Pele in September 1956 Corinthians Santo Andre He started his professional career playing his first professional match against and scored his first professional goal during the same match.
  • From 1957 he cemented his place in the team and also achieved the position of top scorer in the league.
  • Due to his excellent performance, he was selected for the Brazilian national team at a young age.
  • In July 1958, Pele made his international debut for Brazil against Argentina. Although Brazil lost 2–1 in this match, this match became memorable for Pele as he scored his first international goal in this match.
  • July 1958 Pelé became the youngest player in the world to score a goal in an international football game when he scored his first international goal against Argentina.
  • In 1958 Pelé was also included in Brazil’s FIFA World Cup team squad. Pelé contributed a lot to Brazil winning their first FIFA World Cup. He excelled in important matches such as the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals and led his national team Brazil to the FIFA World Cup 1958 with a total of 6 goals in 4 matches.
  • He was also a part of the first Brazil squad at the 1966 World Cup but was pulled out of playing Brazil after the first leg itself.
  • In 1969, Pele scored his 1,000th goal against Vasco da Gama at the Maracana Stadium.
  • The FIFA World Cup 1970 was the last World Cup for Pele. During this, he played all the matches from the Brazilian camp and because of him once again Brazil won the World Cup title. Pele was also the player of the tournament in this World Cup tournament.
  • Pele in 1992 for ecology and the environment United Nations Appointed as ambassador.
  • in 1995 he Unesco I also became a Goodwill Ambassador.

Pele At present he is suffering from a serious disease like colon cancer. In September 2021, he underwent an operation for his colon cancer, after which he had to resort to chemotherapy several times. Due to a serious illness like colon cancer, there are frequent ups and downs in his health. According to news media reports, Pele has recently been admitted to the hospital due to ill health.

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