Jaggi Vasudev Sadhguru Biography

Who is Sadhguru alias Jaggi Vasudev, Jaggi Vasudev’s life introduction, (Jaggi Vasudev Sadhguru Biography in hindi, Birth, Place, Family, Education, Net worth, Organization ISHA foundation)

Sadhguru, a smiling face comes in front of the eyes on hearing the name, Sadhguru with an intense personality has so much power in his words that his words change the lives of people. He is a spiritual teacher, as well as a motivational speaker. Apart from this, he has also written many books, in which many important things have been written for the people living a normal life. Sadhguru is followed by people all over the world and is considered a great philosopher and spiritual teacher.

Jaggi Vasudev Sadhguru Biography, Brief Introduction

Full Name Jagdish (Jaggi) Vasudev
famous name Sadhguru
Birth Place Mysore, Karnataka, India
Birth (Date of Birth) 3 September 1957
Teacher Raghavendra Rao Ji Maharaj
Institution/Ashram Isha Foundation
Address Isha Foundation, 15 Govindasamy Naidu Layout, Signalallur, Coimbatore- 641005
business/profession Saint, Yogi, Writer, Poet, Orator
religion Hindu
Nationality Indian
School Demonstration School, Mysore (1973)
College University of Mysore
educational qualification Bachelor of English Literature
Prize Padma Vibhushan, Indira Gandhi Environment Award
Net worth net worth $25 million
Family Details
Father Name Dr. Vasudev
Mother Name Sushila Devi Vasudev
marital status married
date of marriage 1984, on the day of Mahashivaratri
wife’s name Vijaya Kumari – Banker
Died 23 January 1997
Daughter radhe jaggi

Sadhguru’s early life

Sadhguru’s childhood name was Jagadish Vasudev, he mainly belongs to Karnataka Mysore, born on 3rd September 1957. Jagadish Vasudev’s father Dr. Vasudev was a doctor in railways and mother Susheela Vasudev was a religious woman.

Sadhguru had 4 siblings, of whom he was the youngest. Due to his father’s job in the railways, he was transferred frequently, due to which Sadhguru got the opportunity to live in many cities.

As a child, Sadhguru was a child of a very different nature, he used to look at all things and try to feel them, the sight of natural things brought tears to his eyes.

Jaggi was such an emotional and lost child that even if someone was giving him water, he used to stare at the water for 2 minutes, trying to understand what the water was doing.

Due to this habit of Jaggi, his family was very upset, many people felt that he had become mentally ill. Once his parents even took him to a psychiatrist. However, on the advice of that psychiatrist, Jaggi was inspired to do yoga.


Sadhguru’s inclination towards spirituality and yoga

By doing yoga in the company of his yoga guru for 10 years, both his mind and his life started moving towards peace.

Yoga Guru Raghavendra Rao provided such teachings of Yoga to Jaggi that soon the child Jaggi mastered Yoga.

Apart from yoga, when Jaggi used to sit for meditation, he did not get up for hours.

Apart from yoga, Jaggi used to spend a lot of his childhood in the jungles, he also liked the jungle very much, his favorite activity was to befriend the insects of the jungle while observing the nature, along with this he was also fond of catching snakes.

Often, while coming back from the forest, he used to fill many snakes in his bag.

Thus, when Sadhguru reached adolescence, he was made to join the climactic club. There he befriended an army officer and was so impressed with that army officer that he decided to join the army in his life.

He had also prepared for the army, and passed the written test, but before giving the interview, he changed his mind and returned home.

After completing his schooling, Sadhguru graduated from a University in Mysore, graduating with English Honors.

Sadhguru has knowledge of not one but many languages.

After completing his education, his parents got him married to Vijay Kumari in the year 1984, Vijay Kumari and Jaggi also have a daughter named Radha.

Know these also :-

Sadhguru’s Country Tour

Sadhguru was also very fond of traveling the country, he has traveled all over India and has known and understood the culture of every place. They say that traveling is necessary to know the world.

The special thing is that he started his journey with a bicycle and later he bought a motorcycle. With this motorcycle, he toured every state across India, stopping in all the villages and towns and interacting with the people there.

Let us tell you that it took Sadhguru 5 years to travel the whole of India.

Sadhguru also did business for some time and his business did very well. After doing a good business for about 7 years, he left that too, still he had many questions in his mind whose answers he had to find.

The path from Jaggi to Sadhguru

It is said that once Jaggi went for an excursion to the famous Chamunda hill and meditated there. After meditating, many hours passed and he did not even realize that he was meditating for the last 5-6 hours.

Seeing this condition of his, the people around him started seeing him as a man of the era and he got the status of a spiritual knower.

Seeing the love and faith of the people, he dedicated his life to meditation and yoga.

Sadhguru’s Isha Foundation

Those who change people’s lives with their thoughts Sadhguru established the Isha Foundation in 1992. The main objective of this foundation is to help people. This foundation teaches yoga to people all over the world. Under this foundation, Sadhguru organizes big programs where he informs people about yoga and spirituality.

Today Isha Foundation is doing good work in the field of teaching yoga in America, Singapore, England, Lebanon, Australia.

Organizes programs around the world under his Isha Foundation.

This organization also works for the protection of natural heritage and the goal of this organization is to plant 16 crore trees across the country in the coming time.

Till now in the state of Tamil Nadu This foundation alone has planted 8 crore trees And guinness book world record I have registered my name in Isha Foundation soil erosion And to spread awareness about conservation of nature, save soil movement has been started, Sadhguru has also started 30,000 km motorcycle journey to spread this movement worldwide.

Isha Foundation is no longer a small group, but more than 2 lakh people are associated with Isha Foundation.

Sadhguru is known as a famous spiritual teacher and motivational speaker, his programs are attended by lakhs of people.

Sadhguru also has many channels on YouTube where the words spoken in his programs are translated into different languages ​​and made available to the experts of all languages. Sadhguru says that language should never be a barrier between learning.

Sadhguru Social Media Accounts

1. Sadhguru > You Tube Channel Link >> sadhguru
2. Sadhguru > Instagram Account >> Instagram ID >> sadhguru
3. Sadhguru > Facebook Account >> Facebook ID >> sadhguru
4. Sadhguru > Twitter Account >> Twitter ID >> SadhguruJV
5. Sadhguru > Website >> www.isha.sadhguru.org

Sadhguru’s Awards

Sadhguru, who teaches human service and yoga, is honored all over the world for his work, the Government of India has also honored him with the award and declared him as the best citizen.

  • In the year 1993, Satguru had taught yoga to lakhs of people together, for his appreciation he has been awarded by the Government of India.
  • He has registered the name of his foundation in the Guinness World Book Record by putting the most.
  • In 2008, Sadhguru received the Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Suraksha Puraskar in the field of environmental protection.
  • In 2017, Sadhguru was awarded the Padma Vibhushan by the Government of India for his service to humanity.

Net Worth of Sadhguru

Although Sadhguru is associated with spirituality, but he is very fond of expensive bikes, today at the age of 66, Sadhu’s total assets are more than $ 25 million. Sadhguru, who has written more than 100 books, also has millions of followers on social media.

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