Life introduction of famous Urdu poet John Elia and some of John’s selected lions. Urdu Poet Jaun Elia Biography in Hindi

John Elia’s life introduction, biography, wife, ghazal compositions, death, some selected lions of John Elia (Urdu Poet Jaun Elia Biography in Hindi, Jaun Elia Poetry in Hindi, Urdu Poet Jaun Elia Biography & Poetry in Hindi)

"मैं भी बहुत अजीब हूं कितना अजीब कि, 
खुद को तबाह कर लिया और मलाल भी नहीं।"

These lines were written by famous writers and poets of Pakistan. “John Elia” Which are written on his tomb. Can you guess from this lion that what would have been the personality of John Elia?

“John Elia” Urdu poetry was known for its new, excellent and very different style. John No matter how he chose the words for his poetry, but his Andaz-e-Bayan It was very different. He used to read a little different from the traditional poetry of Urdu and this style made his name famous all over the world.

john elia Most famous in Urdu literature and most read He is a poet. John belong to India And Pakistan He was from both the countries. Actually famous poet of Pakistan john elia He was born in India only.

my native land India with john elia Had a lot of attachment. Especially Amroha A city in Uttar Pradesh where John Elia was born.

john elia Today, in the world of social media, they are read and heard a lot. The best Sher and Tanj written by him often trend on social media platforms like Twitter, as well as his video clips also go viral.

That’s why we thought why not tell you all about John Elia, a wonderful poet of Urdu poetry.

Today we are with you through this article “Life introduction of famous Urdu poet John Elia” (Jaun Elia Biography & Poetry In Hindi) are going to discuss.

Life introduction of famous Urdu poet John Elia, brief introduction (Jaun Elia Biography in hindi)

Full Name john elia
Birth Place Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, British India
Birth (Date of Birth) 14 December 1931
Age age 70
death Death 8 November (2002)
Location Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
religion Muslim
Nationality Pakistani
genre Ghazal Poetry
Education philosopher, biographer, and scholar
Remarkable and Ghazal compositions perhaps, ie, but, presumption, goya, farnod
Family Details
Father Name Allama Shafiq Hasan Eliya (astronomer, poet)
marital status married
Wife Name Zahida Hina
kids Zeroun Elia, Faina Farnam, Sohina Elia

Birth and early life of Jaun Elia

john elia He is considered the most famous poet of Urdu literature. In the world of literature and poetry “John Elia” real name of john known as “Syed Hussain Jaun Asghar” Was.

He was born in the soil of India. john elia 14 September 1931 To Uttar Pradesh Of Amroha Was born in john’s father Allama Shafiq Hasan Eliya Apart from being an art and literature expert, he was also a poet and astronomer. This had a great impact on John’s life and writing talent started to flourish within him as well.

He was the youngest of his brothers and sisters. John Elia is said to have written his first Urdu poem at the age of just 8.


Literary life introduction of Jaun Elia (Urdu Poet Jaun Elia Biography in Hindi)

john elia 1947 He was strongly against the partition of India-Pakistan. But later he had to accept this partition as a compromise. almost 10 years after independence 1957 John went to Pakistan and went there Karachi, Pakistan settled in

John Elia was a great Urdu writer, but in the first six decades of his life, he did not publish a single work of his in public.

John’s first poem was published when he was 60 years old. This was John’s first printed collection of poems titled “It is possible” Was.

After this, many more books of John Elia were published, due to which he got a lot of popularity in Urdu literature.

John lived himself in a very different way. He said that,

"ज़िंदगी एक फन है लम्हों को,
अपने अंदाज़ में गंवाने का!"

John Elia’s wife

john elia Insha He was also the editor of the magazine named where he met the writer of Urdu literature. “Zahida Hina” Happened with Later Zahida Hina And John Elia also got married. After marriage, 3 children of John and Zahida were born. He has two daughters named Faina Farnam And Sohina Elia Is. Apart from this, he also has a son named Zeron Elia Is.

But john elia And Zahida Hina The relationship did not last long and finally they 80s Got divorced from married life in between.

After getting divorced with his wife Zahida Hina, John Elia was completely shattered and turned to alcoholism. after being divorced john elia The rest of his life was spent with great difficulty, whose suffering was always reflected in John’s mushairas.

Ghazal compositions of John Elia –

John Elia mostly composed in Ghazal genre of Urdu poetry. However, apart from Ghazals, he NazmHe also used to write Marsia, Ashar, Qita and other books.

Some major Ghazal compositions of John Elia “Perhaps”, “But”, “i.e”, “conceit” And “Goya” etc. of which probably, ie And presumption His most popular works are.

Death of John Elia

Renowned poet of Urdu literature world was suffering from serious illness like Tuberculosis. He has also mentioned his responsibility in his ghazals. Referring to his illness, John says,

"मेरे कमरे का क्या बयां कि यहां,
  खून थूका गया शरारत में!"

Perhaps for these reasons sometimes they “blood spitting poet” It was addressed by saying and it is also done. 8 November 2022 Due to a long illness, the famous Urdu literature world Poet john elia died.

इन्हें भी जानें- 
1. महान साहित्यकार रविन्द्रनाथ टैगोर का जीवन परिचय
2. युवाओं के प्रेरणास्त्रोत स्वामी विवेकानंद का जीवन परिचय
3. भारत के महान स्वतंत्रता सेनानी (Freedom Fighters of India)

Some selected Sher of Jaun Elia (Jaun Elia Poetry in Hindi)

कौन इस घर की देखभाल करे,
रोज़ एक चीज़ टूट जाती है!

जो गुजारी न जा सकी हमसे,
हमने वो जिंदगी गुजारी है!

उस गली ने यह सुन के सब्र किया,
जाने वाले यहां के थे ही नहीं!

यह मुझे चैन क्यों नहीं पड़ता,
एक ही शख्स था जहान में क्या?

एक गली थी जब उससे हम निकले,
ऐसे निकले की जैसे दम निकले!

तू मुझे ढूंढ मैं तुझे ढूंढू,
कोई हममें से रह गया है कहीं!

मैं रहा उम्र भर जुदा खुद से,
याद मैं खुद को उम्र भर आया!

अब मेरी कोई जिंदगी ही नहीं,
अब भी तुम मेरी जिंदगी हो क्या?

एक ही तो हवस रही है हमें,
अपनी हालत ख़राब की जाए!

काम की बात मैंने की ही नहीं,
यह मेरा तौर ए ज़िंदगी ही नहीं!

जिंदगी एक फन है लम्हों को,
अपने अंदाज़ में गंवाने का!

नया एक रिश्ता पैदा क्यूं करें हम?
बिछड़ना है तो झगड़ा क्यूं करें हम?

इलाज यह है कि मजबूर कर दिया जाऊँ,
वगरना यूँ तो किसी की नहीं सुनी मैंने!

कितने दिलकश हो तुम कितना दिल जूं हूं मैं,
क्या सितम है कि हम लोग मर जाएंगे!

मैं भी बहुत अजीब हूं इतना अजीब कि,
खुद को तबाह कर लिया और मलाल भी नहीं!

 - जॉन एलिया 

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