Who is the new CEO of YouTube, Neil Mohan Biography

Who is the new CEO of YouTube Neal Mohan, (YouTube CEO Neal Mohan Biography in Hindi, Neal Mohan age, wife, career, caste, life story Hindi)

People of Indian origin are leading many big companies around the world. In the field of technology, the CEOs of all these big companies like Google, Microsoft and Adobe are of Indian origin.

Recently, Neil Mohan of Indian origin has also joined the CEO list of foreign companies, where people of Indian origin are leading many big companies on the post of CEO.

This list includes people of Indian origin like Google Alphabet Company CEO Sundar Pichai, Microsoft Company CEO Satya Nadella and Adobe Company CEO Shantanu Narayan. Now Neel Mohan ji’s name has also been added to this lift.

Neil Mohan has been appointed as the new CEO of YouTube. Neil Mohan was working for YouTube since 2015. During this, he was working as the Chief Product Officer for the YouTube company.

But recently the old CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki YouTube company has announced Indian-origin Neil Mohan, who has been working as Chief Product Officer for a long time, as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer.

After becoming the CEO of YouTube, most people want to know about Neil Mohan. That’s why in today’s article we are going to Life introduction of YouTube’s new CEO Neal Mohan (YouTube CEO Neal Mohan Biography in Hindi) Have brought

Who is Neel Mohan? (Who is Neal Mohan Biography in Hindi)

Neil Mohan is the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of YouTube. He is of Indian origin and has become the new CEO of YouTube on 16 February 2023.

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan Biography

Life introduction of YouTube’s new CEO, Neal Mohan (YouTube CEO Neal Mohan Biography in Hindi)

Full Name Neel Mohan
Surname Indigo
famous, post YouTube’s new CEO
Birth Place Lucknow, India
Birth (Date of Birth) 1976
Age age 46
educational qualification B.Tech(Electrical Engineer), Graduated from Stanford University
College Stanford University USA
Nationality Indian American citizens
religion Hindu
Caste Brahmin
Net worth 150 million dollars
Family Details
Father Name Dr. Aditya Mohan
Mother Name Dr. Deepa Mohan
Brother Name Kapil Mohan and Anuj Mohan
marital status married
date of marriage 1984, on the day of Mahashivaratri
wife’s name Hema Sarim

Neel Mohan’s early life and family

Neil Mohan, who became the new CEO of YouTube, is of Indian origin. Neel Mohan was born in the year 1974 in a Hindu Brahmin family in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

His father’s name is Dr. Aditya Mohan while his mother’s name is Dr. Deepa Mohan.

In Neel Mohan’s family, apart from his parents, he also has two brothers who are younger than him.

The names of these two brothers of Neel Mohan are Kapil Mohan and Anuj Mohan.

If we talk about married life, Neil Mohan is married to Hema Sarin Mohan. Neel Mohan also has three daughters. Neel Mohan spent some early years of his life in India but later moved to America.

Neal Mohan Education

Neel Mohan’s father had moved to America with the family to complete his PhD. After going there, Neel Mohan took admission in Stanford University for his studies.

He completed his studies in electrical engineering from Stanford University, California and received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in the year 1996.

After this, in the year 2003, Neel Mohan also obtained an MBA degree from the same Stanford University in California.

Career of Neel Mohan

Neil Mohan started his career after completing his graduation. After completing graduation, Neel Mohan started working for Accenture company. Later, Neil Mohan is said to have joined a new startup called NetGravity.

In 1997, after joining the American advertising company Double Click, Neel Mohan moved from California to the company’s head quarter in New York City.

Neel Mohan did his MBA from Stanford University in the year 2003 while working in DoubleClick American advertising company. Finally, in the year 2007, Google bought this advertising company and thus Neil Mohan also became a part of the Google company.

In the year 2015, Neil Mohan joined the YouTube company. During this, Neil Mohan was given the post of Chief Product Officer in the YouTube company. After joining YouTube, Neil Mohan continuously worked for the better future of YouTube company.

Finally, on 16 February 2023, the old CEO of YouTube Company Susan Wojcicki resigned from his CEO post and Neel Mohan became the new CEO of YouTube. Prior to this, Susan Wojcicki was handling this task while Neil Mohan was the Chief Product Officer at YouTube Company.

Neal Mohan net worth, total assets (Neal Mohan Net Worth)

According to the year 2023, at this time Neel Mohan’s total assets are around $ 150 million. According to media reports, the Google company had given $ 100 million to Neel Mohan to prevent him from going to the Twitter company.

At present, according to various media reports, Neel Mohan’s estimated net worth is believed to be around $150 million. That is, if we talk in Indian Rupees, then the total assets of Neel Mohan will be around 1242 crores.

However, in some other media reports, different claims are also being made regarding the property of Neel Mohan.

Some special things related to Neel Mohan –

  • Neel Mohan is an American citizen of Indian origin.
  • Neel Mohan was born in a Brahmin family in Lucknow district of Uttar Pradesh. He follows Hinduism.
  • It is said that apart from Google and YouTube, he has also worked for Microsoft company.
  • On 16 February 2023, Neil Mohan has become the new CEO of YouTube. He was promoted to this post after the resignation of the old CEO of YouTube company.
  • After becoming the CEO, Neel Mohan has joined the Indian-origin CEO list which includes Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella and Shantanu Narayan etc.

So friends, today through this article we have given you Life introduction of YouTube’s new CEO Neal Mohan (YouTube CEO Neal Mohan Biography in Hindi) told about. Hope you have liked this article.

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Who is Neel Mohan?

Recently, on 16 February 2023, Neil Mohan, an American citizen of Indian origin, has been made the new CEO of YouTube. He joined YouTube in 2008. In 2015, he was made Chief Product Officer.

What is the name of Neil’s wife?

Dr. Deepa Mohan

Who was the former CEO of YouTube?

Susan Wojcicki

When and where was Neel Mohan born?

He was born in 1976 in Lucknow, India.

What is the caste of Neel Mohan?

Hindu Brahmin

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