Who is the physics one? Life introduction of Alakh Pandey

Who is there? Biography of Alakh Pandey (Physics), net worth, Net worth (Physics Wallah Alakh Pandey Biography in Hindi)

Alakh Pandey (Alakh Pandey) an Indian teachers, youtuberMotivational Speaker and Entrepreneur are whom Physics Wallah Known by the famous name of. Engineering And Medical Students preparing for M.Sc. like him a lot because of his excellent training style.

Alakh Pandey started his career as a teacher and Physics Wallah Had created his own YouTube channel by the name but gradually he became a YouTube teacher. Entrepreneur became and today he 8000 crore rupees owns a company with a valuation of Rs. Physics Wallah Is.

Physics Wallah What started as a youtube channel gradually became popular for medical and engineering preparation. now Physics Wallah is not just a youtube channel but pw in the form of an application unicorn has become worth eight thousand crores is more than Rs.

Recently Alakh Pandey Physics Wallah Via Civil Service Examination has also launched an affordable course for Because with the help of this course, any candidate preparing for civil service can only 9,999 rupees in UPSC And CS Can prepare for.

so let us tell you today Physics Wallah, Alakh Pandey Biography In Hindi Through Alakh Pandey’s life introduction, career and success story (Success Story).


Who is the physics one? (Who Is Physics Wallah In Hindi)

Indian Youtuber and teacher Alakh Pandey only to Physics Wallah Known by the name of because he started his career with the same name and used to teach online on YouTube Physics Wallah Made a channel which has now become a unicorn company.

a teacher and youtuber Along with being Alakh Pandey a motivational speaker and Entrepreneur There are also those who have built a company worth more than 8000 crores on their own. Physics Wallah The foundation was laid.

Alakh Pandey on my youtube channel NEET And JEE Physics and Science are taught for the preparation of Due to his excellent teaching style, he gradually became very popular among the students.

Physics along with teaching Alakh Pandey He also used to upload motivational videos on his YouTube channel so that the morale of the students could increase. And this was the reason that gradually he became a motivational speaker Also became popular as

Biography of Alakh Pandey

Helping students with best training and inspiring students to reach the pinnacle of heights Alag Pandey birth of pilgrimage confluence city Prayagraj Happened in.

Alakh Pandey He was born on 2 October 1991 in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. Alakh Pandey’s father’s name Satish Pandey while his mother’s name is Rajat Pandey Is. In his family, apart from mother and father, he also has a sister named Aditi Pandey Is.

Alakh Pandey’s family was a middle class family whose economic condition was not very good. It is said that his parents even sent him and his sister to their home to study. But despite all these circumstances, Alakh Pandey never gave up on the struggles and today has created a new history on the strength of his success.

Alakh Pandey was very good in reading and writing since childhood and was also very interested in reading. His early education took place in Prayagraj itself where he got more than 90% marks in high school and intermediate examination.

He got 91% marks in his high school examination while he got 93.5% marks in intermediate examination. But when he was needed for further studies, he also realized his responsibility and started teaching coaching to small children. It is said that in the coaching where Alakh Pandey used to teach in the beginning, he used to get 3000 rupees a month.

While teaching as a teacher, Alakh Pandey became fond of teaching and made it his career. During an interview, Alag Pandey had told that he was also fond of acting since childhood, but due to the economic condition of the family, he had to shoulder his responsibilities at a very young age and finally he made teaching his interest and passion. Made a career Now teaching them is the most fun.

Education of Alakh Pandey –

After getting his early education from Prayagraj, he decided to do engineering. After completing his 12th standard, Alakh Pandey took admission in B Tech to study mechanical engineering. But he left engineering studies midway and came back and started teaching physics in an institution in Prayagraj.

Family of Alakh Pandey –

As we already told you, Alakh Pandey’s family includes his parents and one of his sisters. Let us tell you that the engagement of Alag Pandey has also happened. his fiancee’s name Shivani Dubey Is. Although both of them are not married yet. Alakh Pandey has never publicly disclosed much about his fiancee.

so friends today we Physics Wallah Alakh Pandey Biography But through this article told you about the life introduction and success story of Alakh Pandey. hope you Alakh Pandey Biography In Hindi Would have liked

Alakh Pandey (Physics Wallah) Success Story

While teaching in coaching institutes, Alakh Pandey was suggested to make his own youtube channel in the founder of a coaching institute. Alakh Pandey also liked this suggestion very much and he started it as a YouTube channel in the year 2015. Physics Wallah started. However, due to non-availability of better internet connection at that time, YouTube was not so popular.

And perhaps this is also the reason why Alakh Pandey did not get any special success in the initial 1 year after the launch of Physics Wala, but still he kept working hard on his YouTube channel and uploaded videos related to Physics and JE NEET preparation. Prateek Maheshwari along with Alakh Pandey also joined him in the early stages of Physics Wallah.

He got the benefit of this thing when in the year 2016 Jio Bring your better connectivity with you. From 2016, online study and YouTube started becoming very popular in India. In the year 2017, he stopped coming offline and fully engaged in teaching online on his YouTube channel.

Alakh Pandey himself had to face a lot of shortage for engineering studies, that was the reason why he started a course for engineering and medical studies at very low fees. Initially, the growth of the physics channel was very slow, but between the years 2017 and 2019, this channel gradually caught the pace of progress and in these 2 years Physics guy Nearly 2 million people joined the channel.

At the end of the year 2019, the corona virus knocked in the world and gradually started spreading in every corner of the world. In the year 2020, due to the ever-increasing infection of the Corona virus in India, schools, coaching colleges and universities were all closed in lock down, due to which offline studies came to a complete standstill and people had to resort to online studies.

During this Physics guy Helped the students immensely for the preparation of engineering and medical through online study. Due to the excellent style of teaching, this channel of Alakh Pandey flourished and became very famous. With the growing community, Alakh Pandey started his online application in the year 2020 to promote Physics Wala as well.

let them too Know-

Rejected 75 crore offer, set up 8,000 crore company

During an interview, Alag Pandey told that when his Online App Physics Wallah became very popular and started connecting with students from every corner of India, during that period offers from many online teaching platforms also started coming.

Well known online platform for engineering medical and many other competitive exams in India Unacademy to Alakh Pandey 75 crores offered an annual package of Rs. Unacademy Teach online by joining but Alakh Pandey flatly denied this.

in fact during Unacademy And Byju’s Like online study platforms used to prepare for competitive exams for lakhs of rupees while Alakh Pandey used to Physics Wallah Through the platform, the students were getting prepared for a cheap fee like ₹ 999 only.

This was the reason that Alakh Pandey was offered an annual package of crores of rupees by many organizations but Alakh Pandey flatly refused because he had to face the difficulties in getting better education due to financial constraints and he wanted to That middle class students should not have to face this.

today Physics guy India has become a very big unicorn company whose valuation will be more than 8000 crore rupees. About 6 million children take online education through this organization while more than 1500 instructors do online teaching. If some reports are to be believed then the annual income of Physics Wala at this time would be around Rs.350 crores.

Civil service preparation will be done in very cheap fees –

Recently, Alag Pandey UPSC Wallah Has started through which he will get the preparation of the interested candidates going in the civil service done at a very affordable fee. where Vikas Divyakirti Vision And Dhyeya IAS Just like the popular institutions get UPSC preparation done in lakhs of rupees, Physics Wala has now taken the initiative to prepare for Union Public Service Commission and other civil service examinations in just Rs 10,000.

To complete the preparation of UPSC, Physics Wallah has started 3 batches in which hit, resolve And Titan Batch included. The duration of all these three online batches is 16 to 17 months. Although strike Batch as Mission Union Public Service Commission 2023 while resolution And Titan has been launched as Mission Union Public Service Commission 2024.

Under this program, through Physics Wallah, UPSC aspirants will be provided complete preparation for Civil Services Examination in less money, which includes prelims and mains examination. In addition to this program csat Free batch will also be made available for the preparation of


What is the real name of Physics Wallah?

Alakh Pandey was known as Physics Wallah.

How many crores is the company with physics?

This time Physics guy The value of the company is more than Rs 8,000 crores.

Who is the CEO of Physics Wala?

Alakh Pandey.

Who is the founder of Physics Wala?

Alakh Pandey.

How old is Alakh Pandey?

As per 2022, Alag Pandey’s age is 31 years.

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