Who was Acharya Rajneesh? Life introduction of Osho

Life introduction of Acharya Rajneesh Osho, age, marriage, religion, some interesting facts related to Rajneesh Osho (rajneesh Osho Biography in Hindi, OSHO facts in Hindi)

India has always been the birth place of great men who had immense leadership potential.

Indian thinkers have always shown them a new way of life when the time comes when this world needs spiritual philosophy. Be it Gautam Buddha or Swami Vivekananda.

More than one thinker, spiritual guru and philosopher has been born in India, one of them was Acharya Rajneesh, whom the whole world knows by the famous name of Osho.

Osho was a spiritual master and great Indian thinker who started the Rajneesh movement and provided a new consciousness of spiritual philosophy to the whole world.

Osho Rajneesh was such a great personality who had read about one and a half lakh books in his life and on the basis of his amazing knowledge started a new revolution in the whole world with his thoughts.

Although Osho’s life was quite controversial and mysterious. It is said that not only Osho’s life but his death was equally mysterious.

Today, people of young generation around the world including India take inspiration from Osho’s modern revolutionary thoughts and want to know about his mysterious life.

that’s why today we Life introduction of Acharya Rajneesh, Osho (Rajneesh Osho Biography in Hindi) Through this article, Acharya Osho is going to tell about the important events of the mysterious life of Rajneesh.

Biography of Acharya Rajneesh Osho

Who was Osho Rajneesh?

Osho was an Indian spiritual leader and thinker known as Acharya Rajneesh, Osho Rajneesh and Bhagwan Rajneesh.

Along with being a philosopher, Osho was the pioneer of the Rajneesh movement.

Osho Rajneesh gave birth to a new ideology through his spiritual revolution.

He was a harsh critic of religious orthodoxy, which led to controversy throughout his life.

rajneesh osho biography in hindi

Due to his outspoken opposition to religious conservatism, Osho faced opposition and criticism not only in India but also in western countries.

Not only this, Osho also adopted a very open attitude towards human sexuality and sex and gave messages of samadhi through sex.

This was also a special reason that led to nationwide protests against him and harsh criticism. After all, Osho also had to leave the country after being forced by his opponents.

Brief introduction of Osho Rajneesh (Who is Rajneesh biography in hindi, bio, age, caste, education, family, father, mother name)

Full Name Chandra Mohan Jain
famous name Osho, Acharya Rajneesh
Birth (Date of Birth) December 11, 1931
Place of Birth Village: Kuchwada , Tehsil: Bareilly, Raisen, Madhya Pradesh
death January 19, 1990
age 58 years
Reason of Death heart attack, heart failure
Nationality Indian
Home Town Bareilly, Raisen, Madhya Pradesh
profession, occupation spiritual leader
Father Name Babulal Jain
Mother Name Saraswati Bai Jain
College D.N. Jain. College, Jabalpur
Sagar University, Sagar (MP)
Hitkarini College Jabalpur
Education Masters (Philosophy)
Religion Hindu religion
marital status Single
wedding date not married

Osho Biography in Hindi

Osho Rajneesh 11 December 1931 To Madhya Pradesh Of Raisen of the district Kuchwada Was born in the village. his childhood name Chandra Mohan Jain Was.

since childhood Osho Rajneesh He was very interested in philosophy and wanted to attain spiritual knowledge. Osho Rajneesh’s father’s name Babulal Jain and mother’s name Saraswati Jain was, which Tairapanthi Digambar Jain Belonged to the family. He was very simple and serious since childhood.

Acharya Rajneesh reaching adolescence Atheist Belong to the trend.

Meaning of Osho

1960 Osho in the decade of “Acharya Rajneesh” was known by the name of Whereas 1970 from 1980 till them “Lord Rajneesh” Got fame by the name of. but later they Osho He came to be known by the name of K. and is still famous by this name.

Osho According to a popular belief associated with the name Osho origin of the word “Oceanic” Has come from, which was used by William James in his poem. The title of this poem by James was “Oceanic Experience”

“Oceanic” word means, “merging in the ocean”

In such ,Osho” meaning of the word, “the one who dissolves in the ocean”

Osho’s education-

Osho Rajneesh got his early education from his maternal grandfather. For his further studies, he joined Jabalpur University and completed his education in philosophy.

it is said that 21 March 1953 only to 21 Osho attained enlightenment at the age of one.

That’s why by the devotees of Osho and Osho Dham March 21 this special day of Osho Speech Day is celebrated as

Life of Osho

After completing his studies from Jabalpur University, in the year 1957, Osho was appointed Professor of Philosophy at Raipur University.

But after some time, the vice-chancellor of the university transferred him because his beliefs were unconventional, due to which the vice-chancellor felt that it could have a bad effect on the ethics of university students.

After being transferred, Osho joined Jabalpur University as Professor of Philosophy. During this, he went from place to place and started expressing his views through forums.

During this, Osho criticized socialism and Gandhism, due to which he became controversial. Osho also had very open views on human sexuality and sex and used to talk openly on these.

And perhaps this was also the reason why Osho was featured in many Indian and foreign magazines. “Sex Guru” Also addressed by saying

Later Osho quit his job and started telling his disciples about the Nava Sanyas movement. It was he who started the boat renunciation movement.

Some special things related to the life of Osho Rajneesh (Osho Rajneesh Interesting facts in hindi)

Osho was a controversial mystic spiritual teacher. Many important events happened during his lifetime.

Osho’s legacy

The assets of Osho’s ashram are several thousand crores. Even the ashram gets Rs 100 crore as royalty from books and other resources.

This entire will of Osho is under the control of Osho International.

Osho’s girlfriend

It is said that Osho loved a girl very much. His picture was kept in Osho’s wallet. Although that girl died in time.

Osho was also an excellent flute player but it is said that after the death of that girl, he also stopped playing the flute.

Horoscope of Osho-

It is said that once when Osho was in his maternal grandfather’s house, his maternal grandmother asked a well-known astrologer to make his horoscope. The astrologer said that he would make Osho’s horoscope only after 7 years as he believed that he would not survive beyond 7 years.

But the astrologer had also said at the end that if this boy lived for more than 7 years, he would emerge as a great personality and finally it happened.

Osho Rajneesh had read one and a half lakh books –

It is said that Osho Rajneesh had read about 1 lakh 50 thousand books in his lifetime.

Osho tried to read and understand the thoughts of writers and philosophers from all over the world and finally imbibed only what he considered necessary. And the things they didn’t like they left behind.

It is said that Osho used to write only letters and poems. He himself never wrote any book. Although all the books that are being sold in the market today in his name are all taken from the source of the speeches given by him, Osho did not write them.

Osho’s stay in America

In the year 1980, Osho moved to America due to differences with the then ruling political party Janata Party.

After going to America, he established his ashram in Oregon province, which is “Rajneeshpuram” Name given.

Osho’s ashram approx 65 thousand acres was spread in You will be surprised to know that Osho was bought by his devotees who invited him to set up his ashram here.

Osho’s disciples wanted to register this ashram of Osho as a city but the local people there started protesting against it.

After coming to America, he spent the time from 1981 to 1985 here. Osho always remained in headlines due to expensive watches, expensive Rolls Royce cars and expensive designer clothes.

Osho’s life in America was very controversial. In 1985, a mass food poisoning incident occurred in his ashram, due to which Osho was expelled from the United States.

In October 1985 itself, the US government accused Osho of violating immigration rules and took him into judicial custody. During this, Osho Rajneesh had to pay a penalty of US $ 4 lakh and was also punished for not returning to America for 5 years.

After getting out of America, Osho went to many European countries but due to pressure from the American government, no nation gave him asylum. About 21 countries expelled Osho from their country. Eventually he found a place in Nepal for some time. Finally, he returned to India only in the year 1985.

Osho’s mysterious death

It was even okay to expel Osho from the country and ban his return to the country, but it is said that the then US government had made a complete plan to kill Osho.

It is said that during his detention in prison, Osho was thallium Was given the slow poison of name. The effect of which started appearing on him within 6 months.

In the year 1987, Osho returned to his ashram in Pune, Maharashtra. After returning to the ashram, his health continued to deteriorate and he became physically weak.

Finally 19 January 1989 Osho died.

“Sue Appleton” A writer named has written a book about Osho’s death, titled ′′ Gave nectar got poison. From within this book the author Ronald Reagan Osho by the government thallium There is talk of giving poison.

Incident of the day of Osho’s death

It is said that 19 January 1989 Doctor from Osho’s ashram Gokul Gokani Got a phone call. On the phone call, he was told to immediately reach Osho’s ashram with his emergency kit.

It is said that when the doctor reached Osho’s ashram, he was told that Osho was leaving his body. But he was not allowed to go near Osho, during this he kept walking outside the ashram.

About a few hours after the incident, Dr. Gokul Gokani got the news that Osho had died. The people present there asked the doctor to issue Osho’s death certificate and also pressed that heart attack should be mentioned as the cause of death.

Osho was cremated within just an hour of his death, whereas in his ashram, the death of sannyasins was celebrated like a festival.

It is said that during that time Osho’s mother was also present in the ashram, but the news of Osho’s death did not reach her immediately.

Perhaps that is why it is said that as mysterious as Osho’s life was, his death was equally mysterious. Osho gave the world the inspiration of neo-renunciation and kept his philosophical thoughts openly in front of the world. Even though the brunt of this came out from protest to his death.

So friends, today through this article, we have given you the life introduction of Acharya Rajneesh Osho. Rajneesh Osho Biography told about. Hope you have liked this article very much.

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