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Friends, many such people have been born in the world who have dedicated their whole life to help the helpless people and continue to serve such people throughout their life. One such inspiration for blind people was Louis Braille, the father of Braille script.

January 4 is celebrated as International Braille Day. Louis Braille was born on this day, in whose memory since 2019, International Braille Day is celebrated globally every year.

The purpose of celebrating this day is celebrated to explain the Braille script as a means of communication and its importance and to make people aware of it.


On this day, important points such as the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, eye diseases, their identification and their prevention are discussed, as well as eye camps are organized at many places where eye problems are identified and diagnosed. goes.

General Assembly of the United Nations World Braille Day on 6 November 2018 The resolution to celebrate was passed at the universal level.

Today, through this article, we will give you the life introduction of Louis Braille.Louis Braille Biography) as well as discuss the Braille script developed by him and also tell you interesting facts related to it.

Biography of Louis Braille

Early life of Louis Braille

Louis Braille was born on January 4, 1809. It happened in AD. He was born in a village named Coupere in France, which is about 40 kilometers away from the capital of France, Paris. His mother’s name was Monique Braille and his father’s name was Simon Braille. His father, Simon Braille, worked in a field that worked on horse genes, while his mother, Monique Braille, was a homemaker. Lewis had four siblings, in whom he was the youngest.

Information about Louis Braille (Louis Braille bio, Age, Education, father name)

Full Name Louis Braille
Birth (Date of Birth) 4 January 1809
Father Name simon braille
Mother Name Monique Braille
Place of Birth Coupe Paris, France
school National School of Blind Children
Nationality France
Age at the time of death 43 years
cause of death Tuberculosis (TB)
Death 6 January 1852
Invention Braille script (1821)

Louis Braille’s contribution to the blind

Louis Braille was blind, but still he did a great favor to the entire blind community so that they too could be self-reliant and not have to rely on others.

Today you see around you that blind people are also very well educated and work at different places with full potential. But earlier this was not the case as there was no opportunity for education for these blind people as they could not see. In the absence of education and self-reliance, he had to depend on others, due to which his life became a curse for him. But today it is not so, today they also have equal opportunity of education with the help of Braille script, today they are also touching great heights and fulfilling their dreams on their own strength.

Today, the full credit for their education and development goes to Louis Braille, who created the Braille script to educate such blind people.

Just like people are taught in different scripts like Roman script, Devanagari script etc., similarly Braille script which was invented by Louis Braille is used for blind children to read.

When Louis Braille was only three years old, one day while playing a game, he stabbed one of his eyes, which caused a deep injury to his eye and he stopped seeing from that eye. When the infection increased due to injury in one of his eyes, after just a few days, he stopped seeing in the other eye as well and he became completely blind.

Louis Braille Education

After Louis became blind, 7 years of his life passed with great difficulty but he did not give up and at the age of 10, his father adopted him. Admission National School of Blind Children Where visually impaired were taught in Valentine Hou script which was incomplete and not much useful.

Louis Braille learned history, geography, etc. here, after which in this school, Captain Charles Barbier, an officer from the French army, discussed about ‘night writing’ or ‘sonography’ script, which was used by French soldiers in the dark. I used to study.

Friends, as it is said that God does every work for a special purpose, so at the age of just 3, Louis Braille’s blindness also happened for such a special work, which is a boon for blind people from the coming years to forever. Proved.

Louis Braille Invention

Louis Braille achieved greatness in subjects like mathematics, history, geography etc. running at that time. During his studies, Louis Braille met French army commander Charles Barbier, after which he told Louis about the special study system of the army, such as night reading, sonography, which later helped Louis Braille a lot.

Barbier told that this script is made through letters on paper which have 2 lines of 12 points which contain 6-6 points but it did not have punctuation marks, numbers, mathematical symbols etc. due to which this script was incomplete.

Based on this script, Louis Braille stored those 12 points in only 6 points which had 64 letters and also punctuation marks. The most important thing was that it had not only punctuation marks but also mathematical symbols and musical notations and the script is still used today.

At the young age of just 15, Louis Braille made this script by using his sharp intellect. In addition to books like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, things like Hindu Panchang etc. are also available today.

Apart from this, books are also written in Braille script.

About 16 years after Louis Braille’s age, in 1768, the Royal Institute of Blind Youth gave universal recognition to the Braille script he created, after which it was used in 1821 to teach blind people in all countries of the world. Braille script is also recognized in our India and books etc. are also available in Braille script.

In 1821 AD, with the help of special methods of night reading and sonography, Louis invented such a script which proved to be a boon for blind people.

Career of Louis Braille

Looking at his ability and methodology, he was appointed as a teacher in a school. He used to give equal affection to all his children and gave equal attention to all. By doing this, he was popular in the entire school. He never punished children, he gave a new dimension to the field of education.

Whoever does good deeds, many difficulties definitely come in his life, something similar happened with him too. Louis Braille’s whole life was full of difficulties and expectations. Some social people were always engaged in neglecting them, but Louis continued in his work without worrying about it.

what was the cause of louis braille’s death,

Louis Braille used to get so busy in his work that he didn’t even care about his health, due to which he fell into the grip of tuberculosis at the young age of just 35.

The one who lit the light of education in the lives of many blind children at the young age of only 43 years. Louis Braille January 8, 1852 While taking his last breath, he fell asleep in eternal sleep.

The work he did for visually impaired children in his life is incomparable, but France’s despotic royal regime and uneducated public could not give him any respect while he was alive for his work.

Louis Braille national honor

After 100 years, the government and people of France buried his body with national honor and also apologized to his mortal body for the mistake he had committed.

In India too, on January 4, 2009, a postage stamp was operated in his honor.

So friends today through this article (Louis Braille biography in hindi) we have discussed the life and visually impaired people ,the blindApart from this, we have told you about the invention of Braille script and interesting facts related to it, hope you liked this article.


When was Braille script invented?

The Braille script was invented in 1825 by Louis Braille.

Louis Braille Which country were you from?

Coupre was a citizen of the city of Paris, France.

What disease caused Louis’ death?

He died at the age of 35 due to tuberculosis.

How many letters are there in Braille script?

64 characters, consisting of 2 lines of 12 points each containing 6 points each.

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